We are a leading niche AI consulting company in India. AI is hard and you will need a partner who is honest about AI capabilities and whose only business is AI and ML. We have completed over 50+ AI strategies for global 3000 and over 15+ use cases in AI and machine learning since 2015.

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Advanced Monitoring


Yearly Revenue Projections

Implemented Solution for a credit card company to predict monthly gift card sales and improve yearly revenue projections.

Home Insurance Claim Analysis

Developed solution for an insurance company to determine the likelihood of a true problem existing when a home insurance claim was filed, in order to discourage customers from filing excessive or petty claims.

Drug Ingredient Stability Prediction

Developed solution for a pharmaceutical company to assess the stability of the active ingredient in a drug to predict its shelf life in order to meet FDA regulations and identify a suitable expiration date for the drug.

Client Risk Factors Analysis

Developed solution for a hotel franchise to identify a profile for and predict potential clients who might default on a timeshare loan in order to reduce loan qualification rates among high-risk clients, adjust interest rates based on client risk factors, and minimize company losses.

Chronic Diseases

Built solutoin to predict the probability of various chronic diseases based on other health conditions in the person and in the family.

Speech Processing, IoT, Smart Homes, Mobile Apps

Built solution for speech processing, speaker identification, speaker detection etc.